Tora Vega SFI Lund (previously Hvilan SFI)


Swedish Language for Immigrants (SFI) is a qualified language education offered to those who have arrived in Sweden and have a residence permit. The goal is to create opportunities for students to develop basic knowledge of the Swedish language and society.

All our SFI students will

  • Have an individualized study plan
  • Placement in a group with students at a similar level
  • Have a responsible teacher/mentor for your class and group
  • Work with digital tools and methods
  • Feedback and support in your studies from your teacher, online and on-site
  • Regular and structured progress meetings and guidance
  • Access to student and career counsellors

At Tora Vega SFI in Lund, we offer two different study tracks

Study path 2

(includes the SFI courses B, C, and D): For students with a school background less extensive than the equivalent Swedish upper-secondary school. You will study SFI at school every day from 09:00 – 12:15.

Study path 3

(includes the SFI courses C and D): For students who have completed studies corresponding to Swedish upper secondary school or have studied at a university.

You have three study options to choose from within Study Path 3. All courses include 15 hours of mandatory studies weekly. However, depending on the course, the number of teacher-led hours and homework varies.

Our courses suit those who are used to self-studies and want to combine studies with work etc.

Access to a computer and Internet are required to participate in these courses.

Different options for study path 3

Kombo/Flex is an SFI daytime course where you attend school lessons at least three times a week. You schedule your on-site lessons using a class timetable, and it is necessary to book a minimum of 8 hours per week (equivalent to 3 lessons). You will have two on-site classes between 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and one class between 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM per week. In total, you will spend 8 hours in on-site classes and have 7 hours of teacher-assigned homework per week.

The distance course arrangement is where all teaching and conversations with the teacher are online. You will participate in online lessons twice every week, and you book the lessons from a schedule in our booking system. You can choose between morning lessons, 09.00-11.00, and afternoon lessons, 13.00-15.00. This course involves 4 hours of online lessons and 11 hours of teacher-assigned homework per week.

The evening course is for those who want to study SFI in the evening. You participate in scheduled on-site classes twice a week between 5.30 – and 7.30 p.m. You will participate on-site either on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays, depending on your assigned group. The evening course involves 4 hours of on-site classes and 11 hours of teacher-assigned homework per week.

The courses

Our well-educated teachers work in coherence with the curriculum for SFI. For more information please follow the link, skolverket/undervisning/vuxenutbildning/sfi/kursplan.

According to the School Act, anyone having a residence permit in Sweden and lacking the basic knowledge of the Swedish language has the right to study Swedish Immigrants. You apply to SFI through your home municipality.

If you are a resident of Lund, you are welcome to apply through LundaVälkomsten.
If you are a resident of Staffanstorp, please contact the municipality of Staffanstorp.

Keep in mind that SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) are full-time studies designed for those who have the time to dedicate to their studies. We work extensively with digital tools both on-site during lessons and remotely through various assignments and materials provided online.

You are welcome to visit us. During your visit, you can join a lesson and ask questions to our teachers and staff. For more information or to book a visit, please contact us at Sfiinfo@toravega.se or call 046 460 15 20.

Who can apply?

If you are a resident of Lund, you are welcome to apply through Lundavälkomsten.
If you are a resident of Staffanstorp, please contact the municipality of Staffanstorp.


The waiting time for admissions depends on the number of applicants for various courses and when your application is received. We have continuous admissions, and you will receive an admission email once you have secured a spot in the course.

Good to know
Swedish in the heart of Lund:
Study pace:
Education content and course plans may change. We reserve the right to cancel the education due to, among other things, a low number of applicants, emergency circumstances, or similar. Applicants will be notified via email.
Want to know more?
046-460 15 20
Visit us:
Lilla fiskaregatan 1a (vån 3), 222 22 Lund
In the heart (central) Lund by Stortorget.

Förstepedagog /
utbildningsledare inom SFI

Layal Ghajraoui

+46 (0)708 41 90 63

Layal Ghajraoui

Förstepedagog/utbildningsledare inom SFI för Tora Vega Folkhögskola

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Hur söker jag till skolan?

Du ansöker till våra utbildningar via Folkhögskolornas Mina Sidor. Registrera ett ansökningskonto om det är första gången du söker till oss. Har du studerat hos oss tidigare, logga in med ditt konto.


Kan jag få CSN?

Våra allmänna kurser och yrkesutbildningar är CSN berättigade. Se mer information på respektive utbildningssida. Du ansöker om studiemedel/studiehjälp direkt hos csn.se


Hur länge behöver jag studera på Allmän kurs Bas?

Om du vill bli grundläggande behörig till högskola/yrkeshögskola är ett kriterium att du uppfyller omfattningskravet. Omfattningskravet uppfylls efter 1-3 år, och hur omfattningskravet ser ut för dig är individuellt och beror på vad du har med dig sedan tidigare. Denna bedömning görs när du har skickat in din ansökan till Allmän kurs bas. Du behöver studera minst ett år på Allmän kurs för att kunna bli grundläggande behörig och få studieomdöme.